The Cedar Scraper XL

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The Cedar Scraper XL - The Original Super Size 19 inches, Safe and All-Natural Cedar BBQ Grill Scraper, Handmade In Canada

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  • Shipped within 48 hours. Shipped within 48 hours.
  • Satisfaction garanteed Satisfaction garanteed
Accept NO Imitations Buy The Original, Safe and all-natural cedar wood BBQ scraper.

  • The original and highest quality!
  • The XL, Supersized to a full 19 Inches to enable two handed use.
  • Handmade in Canada of 100% premium kiln dried natural non-toxic western red cedar wood.
  • Safely and easily clean your BBQ grill with no bristles that can get in your food.
  • Naturally forms to your grill and the unique way you use it.
  • A full inch thick, very durable, will last for years.

With The Cedar Scraper, say goodbye to that old nasty grill brush! Wire bristle brushes can be dangerous, individual bristles can detach, get in your food and cause serious health problems. Made entirely of western red cedar. A Non-toxic, environmentally-safe and renewable material. Does not need any special maintenance, will not rot and is known to have certain anti-bacterial properties. 


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