Personalize your Cedar Scraper

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Add a short message to personalize your Cedar Scraper!

* Your message will be engraved on the backside of the Scraper.

   • Make it personal by adding yours or someone else's name

   • A wish for the perfect gift

   • For a special occasion

   • A quirky message or inside joke




Can only be purchased in combination with at least one Cedar Scraper.


You must purchase a customization for each Scraper you wish to personalize.


For best results keep your message short between 5 to 8 words.


For identical message on multiple Scrapers simply select 'All / Font' and enter quantity below.


For different messages on multiple Scrapers, each message must be composed, correct product and font selected and then individually added to cart.


Please note that text will be engraved as-is, we are not responsible for any mistakes.

Product customization

Don't forget to press 'save customization' or it will be lost.

  • 250 char. max
IMPORTANT: Select Product And Font

  • Shipped within 48 hours. Shipped within 48 hours.
  • All returns accepted within 30 days (5,00$ flat rate). All returns accepted within 30 days (5,00$ flat rate).